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Tea Lifespan / Shelflife

There is no problem with drinking old tea. The lifespan or shelf life of tea is always different depending on how the tea is stored, what kind of tea it is, and other factors. However tea does not really “spoil”, it simply becomes stale after a while, and does not taste as good. So, if you don’t know whether a tea you have has outlived its lifespan or shelf life, just brew a cup and see how it tastes. One way to prolong tea lifespan is by putting it in the freezer. Another way to prolong the tea lifespan is by storing it in an airtight container. It is obvious, that tea shelf life will deteriorate faster if it is not stored in any kind of container. But the bottom line is if you are wondering if your tea has outlived its “tea lifespan” , just try brewing a cup and you will soon know whether it is good or has outlived its “tea shelf life”.

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